Applied Behaviour Analysis Therapy

Applied Behaviour Analysis Therapy (ABA) is a scientifically validated approach to teaching that uses a system of rewards and consequences to teach new skills and replace undesirable behaviours with desirable behaviours. 

ABA is a therapy that can be applied to individuals with autism spectrum disorders as well as to individuals with other behavioural and learning issues.  

Behavioural Consultant, Marcie Smeltz, will work with your family to ensure treatment is individualized, with a focus on fostering functional and socially significant behaviours. Intervention plans will be designed to address development in the areas of social/emotional, communication, self-help/domestic skills, academic, gross motor and fine motor skills.  

Marcie is also able to provide support for challenging behaviours, toilet training, haircuts, trips to the dentist, and other areas or events that prove difficult or upsetting for your child.  

The goal of treatment is to ensure that skills transfer into everyday life - your home, school and community.  

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) Therapy is priced at $100.00 per hour. Travel fees apply to off-site appointments.  

To book an appointment please phone us at (204) 226-7247.